Error: E-SY025: FRM-40735 POST-UPDATE trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-01400 - in Address Entry

In one case, this error occurred during the creation of a new Address.  There were many errors returned before receiving the ORA-01400, and the user was trapped in a loop.

First, the user received many of these types of errors:
E-SY025: FRM-40815    Variable GLOBAL.O_{Field name} does not exist.

Later, it was followed by one of these errors:
E-SY025: FRM-40735    POST-UPDATE trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-01400
The errors indicate that the Team Approach session has been corrupted (i.e. either memory or network connection).  The problem is not with the data, nor the Address form.

A request should be sent by Support to have the TA session killed in the backend.

Generally, after killing the session and logging back in, the error does not reappear.

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