Currently the only way for users to appear as registrants on an Event Registration form is for the form to be filled out by the user, or on their behalf.

If you're going to fill out the form on their behalf, you'll want to take the following steps.
  1. Navigate to Core > Events > Registration Forms & Attendees (or to Enrollment Management > Events > Event Registration Forms)
  2. Click Edit to the far right of the Event Registration.
  3. If the event is over and you do not want any new users registering themselves, go to the Security link, set "Who Can Register" to Secure, and set access to your role (ex. Registration Manager).
  4. Click the General Info link, and select "Allow Authenticated Users to Register Multiple Times." This allows you to register one or more users to the form manually from your login.
  5. From the General Info tab, use the "Registration Link" URL to access the form, and complete this on behalf of your registrant. 
Note: You can turn off the "Registration Processed" notification so your manually added users to not receive a notification once processed. Click Here to view these steps.