1. Log in to the BBMS Portal at https://bbms.blackbaud.com 
  2. Navigate to Account Management > General Settings
  3. Within the Email Acknowledgements tile click Edit Email Acknowledgements
  4. Enter in the name of the organization for Display Name
  5. Enter in email addresses for the organization to send receipts from, for donors to reply to and for failed receipts to be sent.  
    • The From Address will be the outgoing email address attached to the receipt visible to donors.
    • The Reply to Address will be used if the donor replies to the receipt email.
    • The Failure Forwarding Address will receive bounced receipt emails that were unable to deliver to the email address entered for the constituent's donation. 
  6. Mark the box for Send Virtual Terminal Acknowledgements to automatically send emails for transactions processed in the Virtual Terminal. 
  7. Click Save 

To see the content of these emails please see What does the acknowledgment e-mail from a BBMS transaction look like? and What information is in the failure forwarding email notification from BBMS?