Start your query:
  1. Navigate to Analysis, then click on Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select the source view of  constituent and click OK
Add fields to Include records where:
  1. In the left column, select constituencies. From the middle column, drag constituency into Include records where set it equal to board member.  
  2. (Option- to exclude the spouse of a board member) In the left column, expand Spouse, then select constituencies. From the middle column, drag Constituency into Include records where and set equal to board member. With this line selected in include records where click the or button. 
  3. User-added image
Save your query
  1. Click the set save option tab, and name your query
  2. Check the box to create a selection
  3. Check the box to show this selection in query designer
  4. Click save and close
Add to your appeal 
  1.  Navigate to marketing and communication
  2.  Click appeal mailings
  3. Click the name of your mailing
  4. Click the letters tab
  5. Click expand next to your letter and click edit 
  6. Under exclude constituents based on the following, click edit next to solicit codes and selections 
  7. Click add next to selections
  8. Find the selection you created and add it to  "exclude these selections from the communications:"
  9. Click okay 
You can also use the selection in a new appeal.