Profile form bringing default country and state for organization information into CRM even when not entered into the form

When filling out a profile form in BBIS you can have a section for organization information. A user will not fill out the organization information section and within batch it will bring over the default Country and State information. 
There are two ways of handling the 'Business Address' element on a BBIS profile update form. 

1. To make the whole business address element required so that users fill out the fields correctly
2. Remove the business address element from the form and collect it not in a profile update form

Steps to Duplicate

1. Fill out a  profile part form that includes organization information for users
2. Update just the organization name
3. Submit the form
4. Go into CRM, download the profile transaction
5. You will see that not only did it bring the organization name over, it also brought the Country, USA, and State, Alabama, even though they were not selected to be updated


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