You can search all families by the primary contact for the account by:
  1. Go to the applicable school year
  2. Hover over the enrollment tab > click on All Families
  3. Select the first letter of the last name
  4. View the Enrollment Status column for where the account is located
  5. Click on the name of the family to go to their account details

If you cannot locate a family, but they did have an account from last year, you can search by entering their Smart Family ID in the search bar, but input the current school year in the 6th & 7th digits. For example, if their Smart Family ID was 1112217000011 in 2017-2018, then you would enter 1112218000011 to search for their account in 2018-2019.

The search will not pull in any account that is in the Re-enroll Families folder for that current school year. In the Re-enroll Families folder, you can search by student name or primary account holder.