Are there any size limits for sending reports via email?

When running reports in eTapestry there is an option to send the report via email.  When this is used with particularly large reports it is found the email does not arrive in the intended recipients' inbox.

Other reports can be emailed without the same issue happening.  Breaking down the large report into smaller reporting periods allows the emails to be received successfully.
While there are no size limits to sending eTapestry reports via email, there will be for most email clients.  Users should check with their appropriate IT area what the largest size file they can receive by email is.

Alternatively, there is also an option to download the report in various file types (PDF, Excel, CSV, MRG) should this need to be saved to your local workstation.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Reports -> Manage Reports.
2. Select a Category, then select New Report.
3. Choose any appropriate report options, then click Save And Run.
4. Choose any appropriate query to run this on.
5. In Delivery Options (Step 3), change the Report Format dropdown to '<FILE TYPE> - Email'.
6. Enter any appropriate email address to send the report to.
7. Click on Submit and wait for the email to arrive.



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