To arrange your Grants in SKY View, please follow these steps as suit your needs:

Change Columns
1. Click on the Choose Columns icon  at the top of your Grants list
2. The 'Choose columns to show in the list' window appears > Mark the checkboxes for the fields that you wish to see in your Grants list
[NOTE: Do not uncheck the box for 'Project Title'! This MUST be marked so that you can access your Grant record!]
3. Once you have selected your preferred columns, click 'Apply changes' > your Grants list will now display the columns chosen above

Change Sort
1. Click on the Sort dropdown icon  to right of the Choose Columns icon
2. The Sort dropdown will display (ascending) and (descending) options based on the Columns available in your Grants list > Select the Sort of your choice by clicking it
3. The Grants list now sorts your records based on your choice

Change Filters
1. Click on the Filters icon to the right of the Sort dropdown icon
2. The 'Filters' window appears > there are three current categories that can be chosen from: General, Dates, Coding > Click on any of these options in the left column to display the options to the right
3. Select your Filter options > Click 'Apply filters'
4. The Grants list now displays records that pertain to the applied filters