Administrators may customize emails and banner communications for the system (available to System Administrators) or an opportunity (available to enabled client-defined user roles) using a variety of functionality.


What are Merge Fields?

Merge fields are small pieces of code that can be inserted into communications to personalize emails for recipients. Although the merge field code may appear oddly in the template itself:

Example of merge fields in a system communication

When the email or banner message is delivered to recipients, it will contain personalized information in place of the coded language:

Example of an email an applicant would receive

Please see this list of merge fields for information on all system merge fields available.

How to Insert and Customize Merge Fields

All communication templates contain certain default merge fields. You may remove or adjust any default merge fields as needed; however, we recommend that you not remove any default merge fields containing the words "link" or "url." These typically provide an important link (such as a confirmation link or invitation link) and, should they be removed, the email would fail to provide vital information to recipients. 

To add a new merge field to any communication:

1. Click into a desired location in the communication template. This should place the cursor at the exact location where the new merge field should be inserted.

Where to set cursor to insert merge field

2. Next, look closely at the Available Merge Fields section. Click on any field listed to insert the merge field at the location of the cursor:

How to insert merge field

Repeat setting the cursor and inserting available merge fields for as many locations as desired. Please note, only the listed merge fields may be inserted into a template. If a merge field is not listed for a given template, it cannot be used in that communication. Be sure to click the green Update Message Template button when finished.


Setting Delivery Timing

Many communication templates also allow administrators to adjust when the communication should be delivered to recipients.

Options for delivery settings

Available delivery timing options include:

Immediately - As soon as the message is triggered, it will be delivered to recipients within a few moments.

Upon Approval - Once the message is triggered, it will not be delivered to the recipient. Instead, the message will be held in the User Messages queue. At any point in time, an administrator may then select the message from the queue and choose to Distribute the message to the recipient or Delete the message (so that it will not be delivered to the recipient).

Never - This setting effectively turns off the communication. Although administrators may take actions that would normally trigger the communication, no message will be delivered. Additionally, no entry will be included in the User Messages queue. 

Be sure to click the green Update Message Template button when finished. Administrators may wish to review information on what communications are available in the system and how messages are triggered.

Setting a Delivery Offset

Some communication templates (such as the Drafted Applications Closing Soon - Email) allow administrators to customize a Delivery Offset. This number dictates the number of days prior to an event (such as the closing of an Apply-to opportunity) that the communication should be triggered. Please note: emails which typically only go out once per day are always triggered at 3 AM CST on the specified day.

Delivery Offset setting

For example, if the Drafted Applications Closing Soon - Email is set to have a Delivery Offset of 3, and an applicant has a drafted application for an Apply-to opportunity closing on July 1st, the email would be sent to the applicant on June 29th at 3 AM CST.


Including Cc and Bcc Recipients

For email communications, administrators may Cc one additional individual and/or Bcc one additional individual. This may be done by (1) typing in an email address or (2) by clicking on the System Email Address or your own listed Email Address:

Click to insert email address to Cc or Bcc

Be sure to click the green Update Message Template button when finished. Note: Only one email address may be listed in the Cc field and only one email address may be listed in the Bcc field at this time. Additional email address will not receive messages.