Step 1: Updating the Import Batch Template: 
  1. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry 
  2. Click on Batch Templates on the left side of the screen under Configuration and select Constituent Batch
  3. Click the Double Green arrows next to the template name and click Edit
  4. Click on the second tab, Select Fields and Defaults 
  5. To Copy the primary person's contact info to the household record:
    1. Expand the first yellow folder that says Group/Household. 
    2. Click on "Use primary member contact info", and then click the blue right arrow to move it over.  
  6. To copy the contact information to the spouse record:
    1. Expand the yellow folder that says Spouse.
    2. Click on "Spouse copy ______ (email address, phone number, address)" and then click the blue right arrow to move it over.
  7. Save the batch template
Step 2: Prepare your Excel File
  1. Download the Import Header File
    1. Click Administration > Import > Generate import header file
    2. Select the Constituent Batch in the Batch template dropdown
    3. A new window should pop up asking you to save your file
      1. Make sure you save the file as a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File
      2. Click save
    4. Open the file up and populate your fields
Step 3: Create the Import Process and Import the file
  1. In Altru click on Administration > Import > Add
  2. Expand the constituent folder and select Constituent Batch template
  3. Fill out all required fields (Gold fields)
  4. Make sure the Import Source is set to Local file and click on the green arrow next to File to upload your .CSV document
  5. Click on Map Fields > click on Auto-map
    1. Manually map all un-mapped fields by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting the field from your .CSV document
    2. To map a collection field, click on the grey box and then click Map collection field
  6. Click on the Set options tab > Other 
  7. Change the Use option under search list fields to Quick find
  8. Click Save
  9. Click on your import process' name
  10. Click start process
  11. After the process is finished, under task, click go to batch entry
  12. Click the drop down arrow next to your batch and click commit
  13. Select your Commit parameters and click start
After the process finishes the batch will now be complete and the constituents information should now be populated in their records.