Why cant I query participants over multiple events?

When using a Participant query with criteria that looks for the same participant records over multiple events, the results show 0 records found, but the same constituent name can be seen on the Participants tab of each event being queried.  Example scenarios include looking for participants who have been added to a list of specific event records, or looking for participants who have registered for one event but not for another event.

Why is the query not working?
A Participant query cannot be used to look for the same participant record over multiple events.  This is because each participant import ID value is unique, so a constituent who is part of five events will have five unique participant import IDs.  Query is therefore unable to match these five different values to the same constituent record and treats each participant import ID as a separate record.  This also means using merge queries will not work when this query type is used.

Alternative solutions:
1. Use a Constituent query, which matches the constituent record to the event using the same constituent import ID value.
    (Note: Any event participants who do not have a constituent record of their own will not be included in the results.)
2. Create a Participant query for each individual event record, then export these into Excel and sort/compare manually.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In The Raiser's Edge, create two event records and add the same constituent to both.
2. Create a Participant query with any criteria that includes searching over more than one event.
    eg. Event ID one of <EVENT1>, <EVENT2> with 'Each record must meet all specified criteria' ticked.
3. Add any appropriate output/sort fields.
4. Run the query and note no results appear.


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