The Delinquency filter will not show you the families that are on the Delinquency report. This filters shows you families that owe amounts greater than the minimum threshold amount (the amount in which triggers the late fee being applied on the account, if your school uses late fees) after the Late fee application date. This means that any family that owes an amount less than the minimum threshold amount would not show up. In addition to this, based off of the Grace Period of the accounts some families may be removed from this list. If you want to email the families on your Delinquency report, you can:
  1. Run the Delinquency Report in Excel
  2. Copy the Smart Family IDs of the families you wish to email 
    1. You can save them as a new Excel document 
    2. Or you can download the template and paste them in there and save the new document
  3. Hover on the Families tab and Select Email Parents
  4. Click Upload List of Families and Students 
  5. If you did not save the Family IDs in a new Excel spreadsheet, you will have to fill out the template that is available.
  6. Once this is complete, use the 'Choose File' option to select it, and then click 'Upload'.
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Note: Like all email blasts the families chosen will see who else received the email.