Error: The current user does not have rights to use this search - when searching for a program event in query

I am trying to create an ad-hoc query of registrants that would generate a list of event registration information but when I select Program Events > Event record and try to search for the event, I get the error "The current user does not have rights to use this search".

Users may also notice that the Registrants tab is missing on a pre-registered event record.
This error will display if the user does not have the Guest Services Manager system role. A system role administrator will need to add this role to the user's account.

For steps on how to assign roles to a user, please review: How can I add system roles to users (includes video demo)

For more information regarding system roles, please review: What system roles should I assign to Altru users?

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select the Registrants source view and click OK
  4. In the column on the left, highlight Program Events
  5. In the middle column, drag the Event record field into "Include records where"
  6. In the Apply Criteria window that opens, click the magnifying glass icon to search for an event
  7. The error displays

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