You can create an advanced list that will pull up all students and their homeroom, per school year.
Here's how:
  1. Go to Analysis
  2. Click on Manage Lists
  3. Click on Basic and Advanced Lists
  4. Click Add
  5. Click User Base under Constituent Information
  6. Select the following Objects:
    1. User Detail
    2. User School Defined Fields
    3. User Role
    4. User Register
    5. Under Platform(bold type) select Grade Level
    6. School Year
    7. under Enrollment, click on Course Enrollment
    8. Course Group
    9. Course Base
    10. Academic Room
    11. Course Term
  7. Uncheck all the Inner joins
  8. Go to the Display Fields tab
  9. Click on Select Fields - open the objects in the box on the right and select the objects for your list. Be sure to mark Adacemic Room.Room Number and Academic Room. Room Name
  10. Click Select at the top right when all your column headings are selected.
  11. Go to Filters
    1. Global Filters - User Role.Role = any of Student
    2. Course Base.Course Title = any of Homeroom (select as many as needed)
    3. Course Term.School Year = any of 2018-2019 (or current school year)
    4. School Year. Current Year = is True