Designations can be created with one public name and a different administrative name.  If you do not see a name matching then likely it has a unique public name.

You can attempt to identify the designation in a few different ways:

Option 1 check the Designated Giving Section within the form:
  • Fundraising > Donation Management > Designated Giving > from here you can search for the administrative name or sort by designation type.  
  • Once you click edit you can view the public name and change it.
Option 2 check the list of designations in use on the donation form:
  • Fundraising > Donation Management > Donation Form tab > Edit the Donation form
  • Step 3 Design Donor Screens > edit Donation form > Highlight the designation and choose save order and edit selected 
  • Change List of Designees - attempt to identify based on the order it shows on the donation form on your website.  
  • One you identify you can edit the public name.
Option 3 view the donation form code to identify the designee id:
  • Right click the component on the donation form.  Inspect to view the HTML code or choose view source code
  • Find the display word in the code and it will list the option value.  The option value is the designee_id.
    • Example: <option value="1676">Cancer Research</option>
  • Take the id and you can navigate to it and make changes
  • Go to the Designated Giving tab > Edit next to any of the designees
  • Change the url in the address bar to have the designee_id you identified. 
    • Example if you identified the designation in the HTML code:  <option value="1676">Cancer Research</option>
    • This is designee_id 1676, so if the url looked like this:
    • Then you would update the designee_id to be 1676 and result with this url:
  • Click Enter and you will be directed to the designation.
If you are still unable to identify then please contact support and reference this solution article.