As administrators conduct Cycle Management to prepare for a new application cycle, System Administrators may wish to send out letters of regret to applicants who were not selected for an award. 

Who Receives the Regret Letter?

Once manually triggered by a System Administrator, regret letters will be sent to any applicant who meets the following criteria:

  • The Applicant must not have any encumbered funds (no applications in an encumbering category such as Offered or Accepted).
  • The General Application must be in the Submitted category.
  • The Applicant must have logged in at least once since the beginning of the current cycle.

Regret letters will not be sent to applicants who:

  • did not Submit a General Application during the current cycle; OR
  • did not log in during the current cycle (for CUUI clients); OR
  • have at least one unarchived Automatically Matching or Apply-to application at an encumbering category (typically Offered or Accepted);* OR
  • are only under consideration for one or more renewal award disbursements, and were declined for all renewals (Renewal Management Module only).

*If an applicant's encumbered Automatically Matching or Apply-to application is archived prior to triggering a system's regret letters, the applicant will be seen as having no awards for the current cycle. This means the applicant will receive a letter of regret in this situation. For this reason, it is important to delay archiving of any opportunities until after triggering regret letters.


Customizing Regret Emails

Any System Administrator may customize the template of the system regret letter by taking the following actions:

1. Navigate to Site > Communications > Regret Emails

2. Subject and Body: System Administrators may customize the Subject and the Body of the email by adding or removing text as desired. Additionally, System Administrators may use the Available Merge Fields area to insert the applicant's name {{}} or email address {{}} as desired into either location.

Regret email fields available

3. Cc and Bcc: System Administrators may also add one Cc email address and/or one Bcc email address as desired. Only one Cc email address and/or one Bcc email address is permitted at this time. (Tip: Use the quick links to insert the default system email address or your own email address.)

Adding Cc and Bcc email addresses

4. Select Deliverability: Use the Deliver When drop-down to determine when regret letters should be sent to applicants -- as soon as the "Deliver Regret Emails" button is clicked (Immediately) or upon approval of an administrator via the User Messages queue (Upon Approval).

Deliver When setting

5. Save your Changes: Don't forget to save your updates by clicking the green "Update Message Templates" button!

Update Messages button to save your settings

6. Once the deliverability is saved, it is time to either Deliver or Queue up the Regret Letters.  If your deliverability is set to Upon Approval, click the Queue Regret Emails button.  You will then need to navigate to Site > Communications > User Messages in order to approve the emails to be delivered.  If your deliverability is set to Immediately, you will need to click the Deliver Regret Emails button to distribute them.

Deliver Regret Emails button will appear when delivery is set to Immediately
Queue Regret Emails button will appear when delivery is set to Upon Approval