Each user account contains an email log, which documents all email communications triggered (or approved for distribution) to the user. Administrators may refer to email logs to confirm what information may have been communicated to users at what point in time.


Accessing Email Logs 

To access the email log, administrators may take the following steps:

1. Navigate to Site > Users > All Users

2. Locate the desired user. Click to open the user's account. 

3. Once the account is open, click on the Email Log button located in the upper right corner of the account's Edit page.

Email Logs button on user account

Understanding Email Logs

Email logs contain entries for all email communications sent to the user. The log does not contain banner messages or emails set to Approve that are currently awaiting distribution in the User Messages queue; once emails in the User Messages queue are distributed, they will have then have an entry in the email log. Each entry in the email log contains the following information:

a. Time Stamp - Day and time (your local time) the email was sent.

b. Sender - Name of the user who triggered or approved the email. (Note: emails triggered by Customer Support will display as "the system user.")

c. Subject - The subject line of the email message.

d. Body - The body contents of the email message. 

Screenshot of email from Email Logs