How to set up the Copy Live to Demo as a Scheduled Task for Self-Hosted Customers

I am self-hosted, how can I set up the scheduled task to copy live to demo on my server?
To set up the scheduled task on the server to copy live to demo, do the following:

1. Open up Task Scheduler on the FIMS database server
2. Create a basic task
See the following article on how to create a scheduled task:

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3. Set up the scheduled task. Be careful to stagger your scheduled tasks on the server so that they do not run at the same time:
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I have chosen to run this task once a week, but you can schedule whenever you like:

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  • Program/Script field: The program you are running will be the 'copytestopen.bat' file. Note that this file may not be on the C drive of your server, you may have FIMS installed elsewhere.
  • Add arguments field: Add the following again changing the drive letter to what yours is on your server:
                     C:\npo\found\dbfiles\found C:\npo\demo\dbfiles\found C:\npo\dlc
  • Start in field: Put in the path as noted below, however again you may need to change the drive letter to whatever yours is on your server:

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I always use the 'Allow task to be run on demand' option so that I can click Run in Task Scheduler if need be and I usually put a limit on how long the task should run. Again be sure to stagger your tasks on the server so they do not run at the same time:

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