Platform Managers can include BBID Authentication Status, User name, and Legacy Username in a User List. They can also filter by Authentication Status.

To display BBID related fields:
  1. Core > Users > User List
  2. Choose columns > select the desired fields to display in the list. BBID related fields include Authentication Status, Username, and Legacy Username.

To filter on Authetnication Status:
  1. Select Filters
  2. Expand Access
  3. Select the desired option in the Authentication Status dropdown

Authentication Status
ON Authenticated indicates the user does not have a BBID enabled role and has not bee invited to link their account to BBID
Awaiting Response indicates the user is in a BBID enabled role, but has not yet signed in to link their account to BBID
Registered indicates the user's account is linked to Blackbaud ID

Once a user's Authentication Status is Registered, their Blackbaud ID Username becomes their Username.

Legacy Username
Legacy Username is the username previously used to log into the ON Products prior to linking their account to BBID. The Legacy Username is no longer used to access the ON Products, but may still be used for single sign-on integrations with other legacy products.