Occasionally administrators need to place comments on Portfolios, Opportunities, or Applications that they are able to refer back to at any point in time.  The Notes feature allows administrators to place notes on these items.

To add a note to one of these areas, locate the area that should contain the comments, and click the Notes button in the upper right hand corner from any tab on the Portfolio or Opportunity, or on the appropriate Application.


Notes button on Portfolio


Notes button on Opportunity


Notes button on Application

Once on the Notes page, administrators are able to add any new notes, as well as see, edit, or remove any existing notes.  Notes are visible to all administrators that have the ability to view the area in which the note resides.  Once finished working on the notes, click close in the upper right hand corner to return to the Portfolio, Opportunity, or Application.

How to add, close, delete Note

Tip: Notes on opportunities do not copy over when the opportunity is cloned as part of Cycle Management.  For information pertinent to all awards within a portfolio, add notes at the portfolio level.