Impact for users:
  • This is only occurring for sites located in the Boston datacenter. 
  • Users may experience intermittent latency when working in the RE7 or FE7 applications (database view specifically).

Steps for L1/L2:
  • Confirm whether any reporting sites are located in the Boston data center via the Client Site Lookup Report, and whether they reported latency starting at 1:45 EST  
  • Link ALL related cases to this KB.
  • Subcases are not needed at this time.
  • Let clients know we are aware and are investigating and direct them to for continued updates.

Resolved: User impact was resolved as of 3:50 PM ET on 10/4/18.

  • Link ALL related cases to this KB
  • has been updated accordingly
  • Use the following Closure Codes when closing related cases:
    • Category: Hosting
    • Subcategory: Performance
    • Resolution: _HST_Subcase
    • Root Cause: _HST_Error: Server Config