In one case, Sustained Engineering followed the error in the code back to Appeal Segment SEGMENT_SEQ 31, where the criteria is Acquired_Date = 1984.  The code in TA is actually checking that "date" in this way:  

If you tried this in the back end, you would receive the error:  ORA-01843: not a valid month

The problem is that the field value for the criteria is looking for a full date, not just a year.  Here is a good example of a criteria that spans a length of time (if the client wanted to focus on a specific year):

Acquired_Date Between 1/1/1984,12/31/1984

It might be hard to spot the problem criteria.  Open Appeal Segmentation Entry, and click on the Segments tab.  Click on the first Segment and work your way down the list, paying attention to the Criteria for segment # at the bottom of the dialog box.  Eventually, you will find a date criteria where a full date is not specified, or not entered properly.

Please correct the Appeal Segment criteria and try running the job again.