In order to bypass this error, you will likely need to undo the creation of grants. If you processed a batch prematurely, you can undo all the grants for that batch. Or, if there are gifts
that should not have been included in a batch, you can undo the grants made for those specific items.
[NOTE: This process deletes grant record and payments associated with the grants you choose to undo. Any changes that you have made to either the grants or the payments are permanently deleted.]

To undo the creation of grants for matching gifts or volunteer gifts:

1. In the Organizer, go to the Matching Gifts or Volunteer Gifts folder.
2. From the menu, choose Action > Period-End Processing > Select Batch > A grid displays the existing batches.
3. From the list, choose the batch that includes the grants you wish to undo and click OK > The gifts included in the selected batch are displayed in the Organizer.
4. From the GIFTS menu, choose Action > Period-End Processing > Undo Grants Creation > You are given to option to undo all of the grants for the batch, or only some of the grants.
5. Choose the appropriate option, and click OK.
[NOTE: If you chose Select Grants from this Batch to Undo, a grid lists the grants that were created for the batch. Highlight the grants you wish to undo and click OK.]
6. A process log lists the grants that were deleted > When the process is complete, click Print or Save As to keep the log for your records