Reprint Receipts and Reissue Receipts in Mail allow a group of receipts to be corrected all at once. Select the function desired based on how the receipt needs to be corrected:
  • Reprint receipt means invalidating the old receipt number and generating a new receipt with a brand new receipt number. For example, a donor lost their receipt and is requesting another receipt.
  • Reissue receipt means reprinting a copy of original receipt with the original receipt number. For example, the printer jammed while attempting to print receipts and the receipt was never successfully created.
These functions are important to maintain a receipt history on the Raiser's Edge Gift record to show what the donor was issued. (For detailed information, please refer to What is the difference between Reissue Receipts and Reprint Receipts in Mail?)

However, Reissue Receipt and Reprint Receipt parameters are different from Receipts. You can recreate your regular receipt mailings here, or create a simple one since they'll be used occasionally. To set up a Reprint Receipt or Reissue Receipt parameter, follow the steps on How to Print Receipts in Mail.

To Reprint or Reissue Receipts in Mail:
  1. If not already created, create the receipt template following How to Print Receipts in Mail.
  2. Create a gift query of the gifts that need to be reprinted/reissued.
  3. Navigate to Mail > Reprint Receipts or Mail > Reissue Receipts. (Tip: See the definition about as to which one you need to use.)
  4. On the General tab, attach query created in step 1 to group the gifts.
  5. Review the other tabs. (Refer to How to Print Receipts in Mail for full details).
  6. Click Merge.
  7. When prompted, click No to update the gifts (receipt status, etc.) so you can preview the receipts.
  8. If they look good, x-out and be sure to click No to update the gifts.
  9. Repeat steps 5 through 7 as needed until the file looks as desired.
  10. When ready for the final merge, click Merge and then click Yes to the prompt to update gifts.

For more resources on Canadian receipting, please refer to What are the Requirements for Receipts and eReceipts in Canada?