Academics > Scheduling > Request > Course Sections > find the correct course > click Manage Sections > click Drop next to the student who you want to remove from the course.

These courses will appear with a (d) Dropped indicator. If you do not wish for the (d) indicator to appear do not enter a grade and that course will not show up on the report card at all.

Dropped courses will not appear on a Transcript. However if Word is enabled for the Transcript it is possible for the school to manually enter the dropped course.

To Withdraw a Student from school:

Core > People Finder > Locate the User > Access > Click Edit Pencil next to Student > Withdraw > Save & Exit > The dropped indicator will be set for any groups within the depart date.

(Note: Grade and Credit information for dropped groups may be entered through Manage Grades > Grades & Credits - Dropped) > Confirm or Confirm and Enter Grades.

These courses will appear as a (w) Withdrawn on the report card.

Withdrawn courses will not appear on Transcripts. It is possible to enter withdrawn courses as Transfer Grades which can display on the Transcript. If Word is enabled for the Transcript the school can manually add in the course with a (W) for Withdrawn indicator.