Teachers may record attendance for previous days by clicking the date forward and backward buttons on the schedule. You'll find this located on the Schedule and Performance tab. 

  1. Go to My Day to see the Schedule and Performance tab.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate day
  3. Click Take Attendance next to the class for which you want to record attendance. If all students are present, click the arrow next to Take Attendance, then click All Present.
  4. Choose the excuse type from the drop down list box next to each student's name, the default for all students is Attended Class
  5. If you would like to record a comment for the Attendance Manager, you can do so by typing it into the text box under the excuse type (you cannot send a note for students who have attended class)
  6. Click Save & Exit

Note: Once you click Save & Exit, you will no longer be able to edit attendance for students unless the excuse type was Absent - No Excuse. If the excuse type was recorded incorrectly, you'll need to contact an Attendance Manager to make the change.