To establish the course request settings:

  1. From the persona menu, select Academics
  2. Go to Scheduling > Requests and Schedules > Course Request Setup
  3. Choose the upcoming school year, school year, and group type from the filter options at the top.
  4. Enter the Exceptions to Communicate:
    1. Specify how to handle requests if a student has already taken the course, lacks the required prerequisites, or is assigned to a different school level. (Note: Exceptions can only be setup for Academics at this time.)
  5. Double click in the policy section to enter a signup policy - this can include information for students like how many classes a student must take, credit requirements, etc. If you want to display the policy to students, change the display slider to Yes.
  6. If the course request parameters are the same for all grade levels within the level, click Bulk Add. If the parameters are different for each grade level, double click within each field to enter the following fields:
    • Signup begin date: the first day on which students can request classes
    • Signup begin time: the time at which students can request classes on the signup begin date.
    • Signup end date: the last day on which the students can request classes.
    • Signup end time: the time at which students can no longer request classes on the signup end date.
    • Recommend: the group which recommends (or requires) classes for students.
    • Approve: the group which approves class requests.
    • Min requests: the minimum number of requests a student can make.
    • Max requests: the maximum number of requests a student can make.
    • Min enrollment: the minimum number of classes in which a student must be enrolled.
  7. Click Save & Close.

Please note the incoming student does not refer to the role of incoming student, it refers to constituents who are enrolled in the school but do not have any prior enrollment records.