Users with any of the following Academic manager roles can access the Academic Profile: Attendance Manager, Award Manager, Comments manager, Grading Manager, Learning Profile Manager, Online Signup Manager and Schedule Manager.

Managers can access a student's Academic Profile by searching for the student using "Find Me Now" on the Academics Home or through People Finder. By default, information for the current school year will display; however managers can use the "School Year" dropdown to select a different year.

At the top of the Academic Profile, managers can enter a customize-able note for the student (text can be entered using inline editing).

On the right-hand side of the Academic Profile, managers can:

  • View the student's report cards.
  • View the student's transcripts.
  • View the student's official notes and compose new official notes
  • View the student's active/inactive learning profiles and add new learning profiles
  • View the student's awards and add new awards.
  • Generate schedule reports for the student.
  • Access previously viewed students.


From the Attendance" menu in the Academic Profile, managers can view the student's total number of excused and unexcused absences for their classes, activities, and advisories. Managers can also view the student's attendance history for each term and use inline editing to update the Reason and Comment fields. Additionally, managers can record new absences for the student.


From the "Enrollment" menu in the Academic Profile, managers can view the student's academic, activity, advisory, athletic, and residence life enrollments (dropped and changed enrollments will also appear). Managers can click on the "Manage" button to:

  • View the student's schedule of classes and blocks.
  • Identify courses that the student has already taken.
  • Search for courses (if courses are organized by department).
  • Add and drop courses for the student.
  • Transfer the student to a different section of a course.

Course Requests

From the "Course Requests" menu in the Academic Profile, managers can:

  • Approve or deny the student's requested/recommended/required courses and activities.
  • View and add notes for each course/activity.
  • Change the sort order of courses, activities, and alternates using the drag and drop.
  • Remove courses, activities, and alternates (if they are not required).
  • View the total number of course/activity credits.

Managers can also click on the "Manage" button to request/require/recommend additional courses, activities, and alternates for the student.


Contact Card

From the "Contact Card" menu in the Academic Profile, managers can view the student's contact and relationship information (phone numbers, email address, etc).