This task is located under onRecord > Settings > Attendance > Record Method.

​You will see a message on this screen that states: Even with daily selected faculty will still have the ability to record attendance per period. 
This means: Teachers will still see and can use the take attendance option for their courses in My Day, however this attendance will not be reflected in the Student's record.

If Daily is selected, you can choose whether it's recorded from a specific group offering or a meeting time. 

Watch the video below for a demonstration. 

Once daily attendance

An Attendance Manager can go to to onRecord > People Finder > look up a Student and click on the Attendance tab to see the absences that are included in the absence count.

If a Parent or Student has access to view attendance, only those flagged as attendance of record will be returned in the count. The reports that are visible to the Parent or Student through the attendance tile (view history, view totals (are not reflecting just those of record, any absence recorded will be seen.

A school can not use a Special Template or Classes Meet (Outside Rotation - Bump)/Classes Meet (Outside Rotation - Skip) on the Schedule set where the meeting time is chosen in the Record Method. If outside rotation is set on the schedule set - attendance will not be recorded against the meeting time selected in the Record Method.