1. From the persona menu, select Academics > Scheduling > Daily schedule calendar
  2. On the Master Schedule
  3. Select the appropriate School Level
  4. Click Options and select Edit Cycle
  5. Make sure the date for which you want to change the rotation for is correct - if it isn't, click Change Date and select a new date
  6. Select the Day for which you would like to reset the cycle to from the dropdown menu
  7. Click Save & Exit.

If attendance has been recorded for the day, the cycle cannot be changed until attendance is cleared.

Note: Before following the steps below, it is highly recommended that you run onRecord > Analysis > Reports > Absences by Date for the desired date and save the report in order to identify the list of absent students. This will help safeguard you against potential data loss once you erase attendance for the day.

To begin with clearing attendance (after following steps above), navigate to:

  1. Academics > Attendance > Class Attendance

  2. Change the filter Status to Recorded

  3. Click Clear for each section listed, and then proceed with the Change Schedule Cycle Rotation steps above.