Note: The Pushpage Archive content type is currently only available inside Resource Board Detail posts

1. Create a PushPage Archive Resource Board Post:
  1. Go to Core 
  2. Content> Click Resource Boards.
  3. Next to View Boards, select the preferred persona that should have the Archive Content type
  4. Click Add Post.
  5. Enter in the preferred Title, description, and Cover Photo
  6. For "Post Cover Goes to" click Detail Page.
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  1. Select the preferred layout for the Detail Page
  2. Enter the post Publish Date (required), and Expire Date (not required).
  3. Select additional Boards to publish the post to (not required).
  4. Click Save & Create Detail Page.
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2. Begin to add content, including the PushPage Archive, to the Detail Page Resource Board Post
  1. Click the Layout icon (middle icon) in the upper left.
  2. Drag and drop the PushPage Archive Content Type on to your layout.
  3. Select the Category (template) from the drop-down menu in the PushPage Archive channel.
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  1. In the PushPage Archive channel, click the Settings (gear icon) to review the settings.
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  1. Enter Custom Header Text, or use the Category (template) Title
  2. Choose the Number of Items to display (leaving this field blank will return all items) > then click Save.
  3. Add more than one Archive to the Resource Board Post by dragging and dropping the PushPage Archive Content Type on to the post multiple times, and selecting the preferred Categories (templates) to display in each channel.
  4. Click the View Page button in the lower right corner to preview the Post
  5. Click Back to return to editing the board.
  6. Once satisfied with the layout of the Post, click Apply Changes in the lower left corner.
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Note: If the PushPage Archive has been added, but the PushPage issues are not appearing, it's likely due to the Publish Date field being blank. PushPage Issues must have a Publish Date to appear in the Archive.
To add/edit a PushPage Issue's Publish Date:
  1. Go to School Website 
  2. Communication > Click Pushpage
  3. Click Pushpage Issues
  4. Search for the PushPage(s) using the filters, then click View to update results.
  5. To the far right of the PushPage Issue, click the Edit link.
  6. Once in the issue, click the Settings link in the upper left (just below Edit Issue: <<Issue Title>>).
  7. Under Archive Settings, enter a Publish Date (this is required for the PushPage to appear in the Archive. You can also enter an Expire Date (not required).
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Once back on the PushPage Issue, click Save or Save & Exit.
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