To add Tags to a Post:

  1. Navigate to the SchoolPress Dashboard
  2. Click Posts and click Add New or All Posts. (If All Posts, click the post that needs the tags)
  3. At the bottom right, there is a section called Tags. Insert the tags here (Separate tags with commas)
  4. Add tags one at a time by clicking the Add button or hitting the Enter/Return key on your keyboard after typing each tag
  • To choose the most commonly used tags, click Choose from the most used tags and click on the tags you want to assign to the post
  • To remove a tag from the post, click the X icon next to the tag

To add a Tag from the Dashboard instead of a Post:

  1. From the Dashboard, click Posts and select Tags - a list of existing tags will display on the page
  2. New tags can be created and added to this list - name the tag and give it a description:
  • Tag name: the name of your tag
  • Description: describes what the tag is for and may be displayed in certain themes