Steps (if there is no prior event category created):

  1. As a Page Manager, navigate to onMessage and click Content, then Events.
  2. If no event category has been created, create one by clicking Add New Category
  3. In the category setup, find the section labeled Roles with Access to View Content and set it to Secure. Once it is set to Secure, choose the roles that will have access to see the events in the category when the events are published to the calendar. Use the directional arrows to move the roles to the right-hand box (meaning the roles have access).
  4. Fill in the remaining settings for the events and click Save & Add Events.
  5. Click Add and start filling in the details for the event whether it be single or recurring. Once the event is created click Save and Add Another or Save.
  6. As a Platform Manager (this may be the same user) navigate to your Calendar by going to the Faculty persona and selecting Calendars. (Select the calendar for the events to be added into)
  7. Click Manage in the upper right, and then select the Event Filter tab.
  8. All the available event categories will appear on the left. Highlight the category that was just created and use the arrow button in the center to move the category to the Selected section. Click Save.

Since the category was set to secure for specific roles, only the users with those roles will see the events on the calendar. Once everything is approved, an administrator with Page Manager can go back to the event category in onMessage and change the security for the event category to Public, or add additional roles to have access.

If a category was already created with events, the Page Manager can go to onMessage, hover over Content and click Events, and then click Settings for the category to change the security. Once the security is changed, the Platform Manager can follow Steps  6-8 to get the secure events on the calendar.