Users must be part of your database to receive PushPages so that they have the option to opt out of the emails if they choose, per the CAN-SPAM Act.

More information on the CAN-SPAM Act can be found here.

Having users in your database also allows you to track a user's PushPage History.

To view a user's PushPage history:

  1. Start from your Core persona.
  2. Navigate to Users > Edit User Profile Data.
  3. Search/select the user you'd like to view PushPage History for.
  4. Scroll to the lower right under E-Mail Notifications, and click the Pushpage Job History link. 

This will then allow you to see the Pushpage Jobs sent to this user, by All Dates, Last 10 Days, Last 30 Days, or Last 60 Days. Select the date range you'd like to see the Pushpage Job History for, then click View.