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Here are some common scenarios:


  • Bulk remove user profiles (minimum of 20 profiles required)
  • Update Alumni Affiliations
  • Delete Education records
  • Update Relationship Settings including Relationship Type, “Resides with” flag, Responsible Signer flag
  • Update Enroll Date and Depart Date
  • Update and clear Admin View only & Publishable field values
  • Update Course Codes and Course Names

Enrollment Management

  • Official Notes with extra comments or duplicate notes
  • Back out an Inquiry form or Application
  • Remove test users in Enrollment Management for inquiries that do not need to be processed
  • Remove erroneous charges on an event registration


  • Change Gradebook setup if unable to be changed by customer
  • Remove Topic content unable to be removed by users
  • Change course lengths if no historic data is associated
  • Removing Letter Grade Scales
  • Allow or Remove ability for Faculty to edit rosters (All or nothing)
  • Official Notes with extra comments or duplicate notes
  • Add missing date on a transcript
  • Edit grade plan settings to un-check the box that marks grades as required
  • Removing "required" for Grade Plan Comments if grading comments have already been entered and report card processed
Note: Some of the above data fixes could have an associated price.