The teacher, or an Academic Group Manager, should follow these steps:

  1. From the Faculty persona, hover over Classes and select the appropriate class.
  2. Click the Gradebook tab.
  3. Click the Display Options button at the top of the Grade Book.
  4. Under the Display section, check that the assignment not displaying falls in the criteria set:
    • Assignment: Assigned or Due - this determines if the Assignment is displaying based on the Assigned date, or the Due date.
    • Next, verify the From and To dates. For example, if the Assignment was Assigned on 1/10/2015, but the Display Settings are to display assignments Assigned between 1/15/2015 and 5/31/2015, the assignment will not display in the Gradebook. The From date will need to begin on or before 1/10/2015.
  5. Once you've updated the assignment Display Options as necessary, click Save & Close
User-added image
  1. If the assignment meets the criteria of the Gradebook Display Options, verify that the assignment is set to Add To Gradebook.