Before you complete the Enrolling Candidate task ensure the Candidate has a Candidate Decision.

If you need to add a candidate decision navigate to:

  1. Enrollment Management
  2. People Finder
  3. Find the Candidate
  4. Click Checklist
  5. Decisions
  6. Click the Editing Pencil
  7. Candidate Decision -Accept
  8. Save

(without the Candidate decision, they are "pending" and cannot be enrolled until there is a candidate decision added)

To enroll candidates:

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management
  2. Click the Enrollments tile 
  3. Choose Enroll radio button.
  4. Filter the following:
  • Entering Year
  • Entering Grade
  • Status

     5. Select Next, then choose Enroll radio button for appropriate candidate.
     6. Select Candidate’s Name and click Enroll, then click Next.
     7. Enter Enroll Date, and check Include in Future Enrollment box, then click Next.
     8. Choose appropriate Sending School if applicable, then click Next.
     9. Review information and click Save & Exit.