Typically, a standard grade plan will include an exam, effort, midterm, term, or final grade but will not contain skills such as "comes prepared to class." A standard grade plan must be used in order to calculate a GPA or academic performance.

Grade book grades can be pulled onto a standard grade plan when a teacher records grades, and teachers can use the Calculate button to calculate term or final grades. Standard grades can also appear on transcripts, and can be pulled onto standard and hybrid report cards.

To set up a standard grade plan:

  1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > School Year Setup
  2. Choose the correct school year, group type, school level, and Grade Plan Group from the filter options on the left-hand navigation
  3. Click View to refresh the screen
  4. Click Add next to the term to which you want to add the grade plan
  5. Select the following information:
    • Plan description: name of the grade plan, teachers will see this grade plan when recording grades.
    • Due date: last day on which teachers will collect grades for the marking period. This date is typically the end of the term.
    • Grading start date: date on which teachers can begin recording grade plan grades.
    • Grading end date: date after which teachers will no longer be able to record grade plan grades. This date impacts the grading countdown on My Day.
    • 'End of Term' grade plan: provides the ability to enter term grades/final grades for GPA and transcripts.
      • End of Term grades will trigger credits to be applied for the term - dividing the course credit by the number of terms if was offered.
        For example: If your course credit = 1 and you have End of term grade in your 1st quarter; 0.25 credits will be awarded for a passing grade.
    • Number of grades/comments to be included in this grade plan: number of grades and/or comments that teachers will be recording.
    • Review start date (optional): used if the school has a grade/comment review process, this is the first date that reviewers or grading managers will be able to review grades.
    • Review end date (optional): used if the school has a grade/comment review process, this is the last date that reviewers or grading managers will be able to review grades.
    • Select the default "review by' option for reviewing grades (optional): this is the default way in which the grades will be available for review, this can be changed at anytime and can also be changed from the review screen.
  6. Click Next.​
  7. Select the description for each of the grades or comments that teachers will record.
Note: It's a good idea to make these as descriptive as possible, i.e. "Quarter 1 Grade" or "Semester 1 Comment." This is not reflective of what will show up on the Report Card, so don't worry about it not having the same label as your Report Card header.
  1. Choose the Grade Category from the drop down list
  2. Put in a sort order, this is the order which teachers will see the grade columns
  3. Check off the Required box if the grade or comment will be required for all teachers. Teachers will not be able to mark their grades as ready for review (if the review process is used) if there is a grade or comment missing
  4. Check off Include on Transcript Builder if you want the ability to pull the grade onto the Transcript. Final and/or term grades are automatically included in the transcript builder.
  5. Click Save & Exit.

If you need to add an additional grade or comment, click the hyperlink located at the bottom of the screen labeled "Add Grades/Comments." This will provide you with an additional row to add a grade or a comment.