If there is a grade plan formula entered for a single term course, but not for a multi-term course (or vice versa), then a Teacher will be asked to create a formula.  It is important for the school to create formulas for both single term and multi-term courses, if both are using the same grade plan. 

Note: Formulas will only work with standard grade plans.

To create a formula:

  1. From the persona menu, select onRecord.
  2. Click Grading under Settings.
  3. In the Grade Plan Groups drop down menu, select the Standard Grade Plan and click the View button.
  4. Click View link to enter the grading period to add the formula for.
  5. Click Edit in the Grade Plan Detail screen.
  6. In the Formula column, click the down arrow/carat and then click on either Add Single Term (for single-term classes) or Add Multi Term (for multi-term classes).
  7. Enter the formula's Sort Order and Description.
  8. Under the term, select the grades that you would like to include in the calculation and put in the percentage that each should be weighted
    • Grade Book Terms come from Grade Book > Grading Periods
    • If Grade Book is not installed, use the report card grades. If these were recorded as a letter, the equivalent score will be used to calculate the grade.
  9. Choose the number of decimal places and whether the formula should round.
  10. Click Close to save changes.
  11. Repeat for other formulas and Grade Plans - some examples of these include "Final Term with No Exam" or "Single-Term Exam."