BBMS supports payment transactions with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. BBMS also supports EFT/ACH for one-time gifts. Schools are able to create multiple gateways for different merchant accounts. Billing addresses are required when users submit a giving, event registration, or store form that uses BBMS.

BBMS supports one-time gifts as well as monthly and annual recurring gifts (up to 36 months).  When donors make recurring gifts, Giving Managers can view the recurring schedules in the new Giving task is located under Content in School Website.  

In this task, managers can see the recurring payment schedules, stop recurring payments, click on a donor’s name to access additional details, and find recurring payments using the filter, sort, and search options. Recurring payments are automatically generated each month on the day specified by the donor on the giving form; however, if a failure occurs, the schedule will stop and a Payment Services Manager must intervene. 

To enable BBPS and BBMS, please follow the steps below:

  1. Platform Manager must add the user(s) responsible for managing the BBPS account to the new Payment Services Manager role under: 
  • In the persona menu, go to Core.
  • Click on Security and select Roles.
  • Click on Payment Services Manager role.
  • Click Tasks and ensure all boxes are selected
  • Click on the Members link.
  • Click the Add button to add a new member.
  • In the Search In field, enter the name of the individual and click the Search button.
  • Under the Search Results section, click on the User's name to highlight and use the blue right facing arrows (>>) to move them to the Added Users section.
  • Click Save & Exit.
If you had to give a user the role they will need to sign out and sign back in for the Role changes to take effect.

     2.  Next, a Payment Services Manager must enter the BBPS username and password that has been assigned to the school.  To add this information, complete the following steps:

  • In the persona menu, go to Core.
  • Click on Settings and select Payment Settings.
  • Click on Payment Services tab. 
  • Click Edit and enter the Username, Password, and Currency.
  • Click Save.

Note: Schools cannot set up a BBMS account without first creating and adding the BBPS account information.

     3.  Giving Managers, Event Registration Managers, and Store Managers must add the BBMS account(s) information to the Payment Processing task by doing the following: 

  • In the persona menu, go to Core.
  • Click on Settings and select Payment Settings.
  • Click on Payment Processing.
  • To add the payment gateway information, click the Add New Account button.
  • Select the payment gateway type in the Gateway drop down menu.
  • Mark the Active check box to activate the payment gateway account.
  • Enter the Account Login and Password information given to the school by BBMS.
  • Create a Description for the account (i.e. Online Giving).
  • Click Save.

     4.  Giving Managers and Event Registration Managers must associate a BBMS account with the appropriate giving and event registration forms.  Store Managers must select the BBMS account to use in the Payment Processing - Store task.

Note: Changes have not been made to the existing payment gateways: Authorize.Net, IATS, Network Merchants, PayPal, and Sage Payment Solutions.  These gateways will continue to be supported.

After the above is completed, a test can be performed to make sure BBMS is working.  Event Registration Managers should create an event registration with a registration item and tie the form to the BBMS gateway or Giving Managers can add the new gateway under the Payment Gateway tab and make a small donation using the form.  If using the Event Registration test, choose to at least accept Visa as a credit card option.

In order to test the newly added Blackbaud Merchant Services payment gateway, please do the following:

  1. Check access to the BBMS web portal.
  2. Go to the event registration URL (the webpage where the form is located) or Giving form and fill it out with random info for name, address, etc.
  3. Select Visa as the credit card type and enter the following card number #4111111111111111.
  4. Next, enter CVV security number 808 and expiration date 2/20.
  5. Follow instructions on form and submit.  (Note: The payment will fail. This is normal.)

Check the recent transactions in the web portal and review the payment failure.  If the failure is visible, then the payment gateway is working.  If not, then further troubleshooting is required.  

Contact Blackbaud K-12 Support.

Blackbaud Merchant Services may also be contacted for assistance via phone at 800-468-8996.  Press the following options to reach a support rep:

  • Option 1
  • Option #
  • Option 4