To import schedule set:

  1. Go to Academics 
  2. Scheduling > Select Schedule Outline
  3. Select the preferred Year/Group/Level
  4. Click on the Import Set button
  5. Using the From School Year drop down choose the previous year
  6. Select the Schedule you wish to import and give it a New Title
  7. Click on Save & Close
  8. Next edit the Schedule Set and in the General tab check the Begin Date, End Date, Access Dates and Start Day for the Schedule.

If the Begin Date is incorrect the Schedule will start on the wrong Calendar Day. If the Start Day is incorrect the schedule will fall on the wrong Schedule Day. For example, if last year the first day of school fell on a Monday which was a Start Day =1 and this year the first day of school starts on a Tuesday then the Start Day would need to be changed to 2.


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