As of 2/11/2015 - Event Registrations have not been re-coded, they are still bridged from Podium.

Edit Registration:

  • General Info - Sets up Event Information, details and payment options
  • Security - Shows who has access to the registration form
  • Registrant Fields - Attendee information, display can be customized, reports and lists can be generated for name tags from this section.
  • Extra Fields - Non-trackable fields for extra information
  • Registration Items - Designates the type of registrations and their costs.
  • Registries - Shows who has registered
  • Preview Registration - Shows what the form will look like
  • Copy Form - Allows copying to make a new form with similar content
  • Notifications - Sends administrator an email that goes out after the user registers, sends a confirmation email to the registrant and processed notices to registrants.

What forms cannot do:

  • Cannot customize the First Name, Last Name fields in the Students Attending section in page 2 of the form as this is being pulled from the "Get Names of Attendees" check box in General Information - This is hard coded.
  • Cannot add anything additional outside of the Registration Items parameters. Example: cannot add a field for attendee email addresses.
  • Cannot direct Event Confirmations and Processed Notifications to an administrator. 
  • Cannot show the Grad date for anyone other than the Registrant on the Who's Coming list when the "show name of attendees" radio button is selected. If "show name of registrants" is selected the Grad Year will show but the list is only for the main person registering for the event, not additional attendees on the form.