To create academic performance:
Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > Calculations

  1. Click + Add academic performance calculation
  2. Enter the following information:
    Sort order: the order in which the academic performance type will appear in drop-down menus
    Category description: the label for the academic performance, for example: Honor Roll.
    Number of subcategories: the number of subcategories exist within the academic performance category. For example, if Honor Roll was broken out into 3 levels: High Honors, Honor Roll, and Honorable mention, there are 3 subcategories

  3. Click Next
  4. Enter a description for each of the subcategories (e.g. High Honors), and assign each an abbreviation (e.g. HH), and priority. The subcategory with the lowest priority has the highest standards, so any student that falls into the subcategory with the lowest priority will no longer be eligible for subcategories with higher priorities.
  5. Click Save & Exit
  6. Upon returning to the academic performance management screen, click the small arrow directly to the left of the Academic Performance name, to dropdown the sub-types
  7. Click the Edit pencil to the right of a a sub-type
  8. Verify that the information in the abbreviation, priority, and category description is correct.
  9. Select a grade average formula from the drop-down. The first three options are hard-coded grade averages (these are entered into every School), the additional formulas are created by the Grading Manager. The grade average can only contain one term's grades. For example if school is setup using Quarters and the grade average contains 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter grades this will not work. The grade average can contain either 1st Quarter grades or 2nd Quarter grades. More than likely, you will want to select a 'Grade Average' calculation that your school has set-up.
    User-added image
  10. Enter the criteria for the academic performance. For example, High Honors might require an overall grade average of 3.70 and above, so the Grading Manager would select >= from the drop-down, and type in 3.70 in the text box next to the drop-down.

    Some subcategories might require that a student's grade average is within a certain range. For example, the Honor Roll might require a grade average from 3.40 to 3.69. In the first text box, the Grading Manager would type 3.40 and in the second 3.69. If you do not consider grade averages when determine academic performance, you can skip this step and move on to the next step.
  11. Click Save
  12. If the academic performance has additional parameters, like a student must have a grade average above a 3.70 with no grade lower than a B+ to make High Honors, you can set those additional parameters by clicking Grades in the left-hand column.
  13. Click Edit next to the term for which academic performance is being generated
  14. Select a grade from the grade plan drop-down, and enter its parameter. For example, the grade might be Q1, and the parameter might be >B+ in the example above in step 13.
  15. Repeat this process to add additional parameters
  16. Click Save & Exit
  17. Repeat steps for additional subcategories.