Academic Performance is based off of the Criteria set up in Academic Performance onRecord > Settings > Grading > Academic Performance

Currently it is not possible to remove a single student from Academic Performance. If the school needs to remove a Student from Academic Performance because there is additional criteria that cannot be tracked through our system, the school can remove grades from the student, then regenerate Academic Performance, and afterwards re-add the grades back.

To remove grades from the Student:

onRecord > Procedure > Manage Grades

  1. Search the Student
  2. Change how ever many Grades to drop them below the Formula required to generate Honor Roll

To regenerate Academic Performance:

onRecord > Performance > Grading 

  1. Generate Academic Performance
  2. Select the Filtering Criteria
  3. Click View
  4. Click Generate for the Academic Performance you are working with, this removes the Student from Academic Performance and this also removes the Academic Performance from their report card.

To add grades back to the Student:

onRecord > Procedure > Manage Grades 

  1. Search the Student
  2. Change the grades back