Platform Managers can re-enroll past students to add them to the Student role.  Using the Re-Enroll task, Platform Managers can correct mistaken withdrawals, or they can enter a new enrollment year (for example, if a student left the school and is now coming back in a new year).

To re-enroll a past student:

  1. Navigate to Core
  2. Using People Finder> Search for/select the preferred student
  3. Select the Access tab
  4. Select the pencil icon from the Student Persona section
  5. Select Reenroll in school
  6. Leave Include Future Enrollments checked to create all enrollment rows for the student, from the current (entering) grade level to the highest grade level in the school.
  7. Select the preferred option:
    • Reenroll for the School Year 20XX - 20XX if the depart date for this year should be removed and the existing enroll date should be retained. This option is useful if the student was mistakenly withdrawn; the student will be re-enrolled at the school as if they were never withdrawn.
    • Select Enroll in a different year if the depart date should be retained and a new enroll date should be recorded. This option is useful if the student left the school and has returned; the depart information will be maintained as part of the student's record.
      • If Enroll in a different year is selected, enter the following information:
        • Enroll Date: Enter the date the student enrolled in the school.
        • School Year: Select the year in which the student is enrolling. Select the current year to add the student to the Student role; select a future school year to add the student to the Incoming Student role.
        • Grade Level: Select the grade in which the student will be enrolled.
        • Locker # (optional): Enter the student's locker number.
        • Repeated: Check the Repeated checkbox if the student is repeating the selected grade.
  8. Select Save & Exit.

Note: Re-enrolling a student does not automatically re-enroll them in their course sections, athletic teams, etc.