To re-enroll a past student:

  1. From the persona menu, select Core
  2. Click Profile from the Users/Access drop down.
  3. Go to the past student's profile.
  4. Under the System Information channel, click Student Enrollment.
  5. Click Re-Enroll.
  6. Leave Include Future Enrollments checked to create all enrollment rows for the student, from the current (entering) grade level to the highest grade level in the school.
  7. Select Re-Enroll into School Year 20XX - 20XX if the depart date for this year should be removed and the existing enroll date should be retained. This option is useful if the student was mistakenly withdrawn; the student will be re-enrolled at the school as if they were never withdrawn.
  8. Select Re-Enroll into a new School Year if the depart date should be retained and a new enroll date should be recorded. This option is useful if the student left the school and has returned; the depart information will be maintained as part of the student's record.
  9. If Re-Enroll into a new School Year is selected, enter the following information:
  • Enroll Date: Enter the date the student enrolled in the school.
  • School Year: Select the year in which the student is enrolling. Select the current year to add the student to the Student role; select a future school year to add the student to the Incoming Student role.
  • Grade Level: Select the grade in which the student will be enrolled.
  • Locker # (optional): Enter the student's locker number.
  • Repeated: Check the Repeated checkbox if the student is repeating the selected grade.

   10. Click Save & Exit.

Note: Re-enrolling a student does not automatically re-enroll them in their course sections, athletic teams, etc.