You must first create the Communication Template before creating a job.

Note: This section will not address mail merges for Enrollment Management.

To create a mail merge job:

  1. From the persona menu, select Core.
  2. Under Communication, click Mail Merge.
  3. Click Mail Merge.
  4. Click Add.
  5. In Step 1 - Select the Template:
  • Enter a Description (or name) for the job.
  • Select an existing Mail Merge Template from the dropdown list (you will only see templates you have access to).
  • Click Next.

    6.  In Step 2 - Define Recipients (by List), determine who will receive the mail merge.
Recipients can be added from an existing list and/or from individual users selected on the next step.
* The Mail Merge feature must be enabled in each basic and/or advanced list you wish to use in order for the list to display in Step 2 of the Mail Merge job. How do I use lists for Mail Merge?

  • Select one of the created lists, create a new one or continue to select individual users in the next step.
  • Click Next.

   7.  In Step 3 - Define Recipients (by Search Criteria), determine individual users to receive the mail merge.

  • Select the individual users or continue to the next step if the recipient list is complete.
  • Click Next.

   8.  In Step 4 - Confirm Details:

  • Verify users selected to receive the mail merge.  
  • The listing displays recipient name(s) and their role(s).
  • The Description is the name of the Mail Merge job entered in Step 1.
  • The Mail Merge Template is the name of Mail Merge Template selected in Step 1.
  • Click Save & Exit. This creates the Mail Merge.

   9.  The Mail Merge Jobs screen shows the newly created Mail Merge.

  • Click Delete to remove the entire job.
  • Click the PDF or Word icon to download the letter.
  • Click Recipients to view the list of recipients.
  • Click Mailing Labels to generate the report for creating mailing labels.