It is possible to build a page with some default content blocks and styles as a template and leave it unpublished as a landing page.

Another best practice is to use the Copy Page feature to start each new page.  This way, the Master Layouts are left “clean” for their intended purpose.

Here are the following steps to achieve this:

  1. From the menu in the upper left select School Website.
  2. From Website Management select Websites and click the ellipses button to the left of the Main Site (or Default Site) under Website and select Edit Website.
  3. On the right above Landing Pages, click +Create Page.
  4. In Create A Page window, enter "Blank Page" as the Page Name (do not change Page Type).
  5. Select a Master Layout.
  6. Set Location button to Landing Page.
  7. Click Save & Close.
  8. Find the new landing page created, click on the wrench icon and choose Edit Content.
  9. Click +Add Row.
  10. In new window, click +Add Column if you would like to create separate columns for content.
  11. From left tool bar, select Content to be displayed and arrange on page.
  12. Select Paintbrush icon to Style and choose Applied Style for each content channel.
  13. Preview and then click Apply Changes.
  14. Leave page unpublished.