Teachers can create new discussions in the Assignment Center and on the Assignments page in a course section. Begin in the Faculty persona.
  1. From My Day select Assignment Center.
  2. Click on +Discussion.

  1. From Classes select the course.
  2. Select the Assignments tab.
  3. Click on +Discussion.

When adding a new discussion, teachers should:

  1. Enter the discussion title.
  2. Enter the discussion question or statement.
  3. Determine if the discussion (including all responses) appears in only the selected section or if it appears in all of the course’s sections.
  4. Determine if students can see the responses at all times or only after they have submitted their own response.
  5. Determine if students can add files and embeds to their responses.
  6. Attach links, downloads, and/or embeds to the discussion.
  7. Associate the discussion with an assignment type.
  8. Determine if the discussion should be added to the Grade Book.
  9. Publish the discussion to the appropriate course sections.
  10. Enter an assigned date and time.
  11. Enter a due date (students can add responses to discussions after the due date).