To add Audio to a Bulletin Board:

  1. Navigate to the Group you want to add the Audio to.
  2. On the Bulletin Board, click the Enter Edit Mode button on the right.
  3. From the Content list on the left, drag and drop the Audio channel on to the Bulletin Board (if it is not already added).
  4. Click the +Add button in the Audio channel.
  5. Add your Album Title (required) and add an Album Description (optional).
  6. Check off "Allow users to download audio files" if you want users to download these files. Leave un-checked if you do not want users downloading the files.
  7. Drag/drop audio files into the Drag Audio Files Here section, or click the Select From Your Computer button.
  8. Once the Audio file has been added, set your Publish options (Publish/Expire dates). You can use the Apply To Selected button to set the Publish/Expire dates for multiple locations at once.
  9. Click the Add More button on the lower left to publish the Audio file to additional locations. Be sure to click Apply in the Publish To window, if you selected additional locations to publish the Audio file. Skip this step if you do not wish to publish the file to other locations.
  10. Click Save, or Save and Add Another to add additional files to your Bulletin Board.