The problem originates because the student has the Incoming Student role and then the user's Student Enrollment records were edited. By Default, the Selected Roles: Student checkbox is ticked (turned on) when the enrollment record is saved. Normally, this is what you want to do...if the user doesn't already have the Incoming Student nor Student role.  If they currently have the Incoming Student role, then this action will also assign to them the Student role.  Now the user has two, inconsistent, roles.

To retain the Incoming Student role and remove the Student role:

  1. Core > Users/Access > Profile > Edit User Profile Data
  2. Search for and select the Student/Incoming Student
  3. Scroll down to System Information
  4. Click Student Enrollments
  5. Next to the first year on the Enrollment Record, click on Edit
  6. Unmark the "Student" role checkbox. Make no other changes, and click Save & Exit
  7. When ready to make the Incoming Student just a Student follow these instructions to reclassify the Incoming Students as Students.

To retain the Student role and remove the Incoming Student role:
  1. Core > Users/Access > Profile > Edit User Profile Data  
  2. Search for and select the Student/Incoming Student
  3. Scroll down to system Information
  4. Click Student Enrollments
  5. Click Edit for a future School Year
  6. Click the Delete button and Confirm
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all future School Years. Do not delete the enrollment row for the current School Year.
  8. Confirm the user only has the Student role.
  9. If applicable, the future enrollment rows can be added back to the Student's enrollment manually through Core > People Finder > select Student > Access tab > Edit School Enrollment. 
Warning: Do not use the Core > Access > Persona > Role option > Undo incoming student enrollment option to remove the Incoming Student role as this will bring the user back to the Candidate role and remove all of the user's course enrollments.